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Café 100% Colombiano | EL PRÍSTINO

EL PRÍSTINO®  Has chosen an enchanted land located on the mountains of the center of Colombia, the coffee-growing region.  

The farm is known as TIERRA GRATA, located between Risaralda and Caldas, at an altitude between 1,400 and 1,650 meters above sea level; it has more than 15 natural water springs, which continually moisten the soil, along with a forest of guaiacum, walnut, and guadua bamboo trees. They protect and attract a great diversity of fauna, that jointly work with the full heartedness of more than 200 members of this family, making this a special place.  

All our processes are headed by experts, that provide life to this wonderful coffee. A plantation under shadow, carefully and manually treated. The coffee beans are harvested and selected one by one, washed, threshed, and roasted to obtain a cup of specialty coffee and quality for those who look for a great beverage.

That is how EL PRÍSTINO® safeguards its greater privilege between cups of coffee and always striving for the best!

Café Especial | EL PRÍSTINO


Being central to our purpose is taking care of our people, and so EL PRÍSTINO® executes continuous plans to improve their wellbeing, with actions that impact their living environment and with wages that exceed above 70% rewarding the careful selection and harvesting of this great coffee. 


Our traceability, from planting to roasting allows us to  control our processes aiming to deliver you the best experience and in equal form fulfilling our purpose of taking care of our environment, and due to this at EL PRÍSTINO® we go even further by using locally produced organic fertilizers, responsible water use by using rainwater, our own water sources and having a low water consumption process. 

Café Especial | EL PRÍSTINO
Café de Colombia | EL PRÍSTINO


After a manual selection, the most mature and well kept grains are obtained, which later go through the pulping process to later undergo fermentation that can last between 18 to 24 hours. Grains thereafter are carefully washed and dried with a special process that highlights EL PRÍSTINO® 's characteristic sweet and chocolate notes. 


From its origin, EL PRÍSTINO® gives you an exquisite experience that will delight your senses, seeking that every time you taste it we can give you our best product.  

Café de Colombia | EL PRÍSTINO
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